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The European Reefer Service Centre Association e.e.i.g. (ERSA) was established in December 1999 by the leading reefer service companies to fill a void in the reefer service industry in Europe. Until then, no single associated existed in which all reefer service companies could meet and exchange information and views. The members of ERSA work within the same shipping industry and have to deal with the effect of this fast changing market. The scaling up of customers and reefer unit manufacturers, together with new European legislation and environmental issues, created the need for a joint approach for the members of ERSA.


ERSA is intended for authorized reefer service companies that have their official address and central administration within the European Union. ERSA will provide a forum for the interchange of ideas and information among executives representing their companies.


It is the intention of ERSA to give maximum support to her members in all matters related to the reefer service centres in general. But also to start a co-operation with the manufacturers, container shipping companies and other third parties. In this way ERSA would like to be the catalyst for the implementation of market and technical developments and developments on European legislation and environmental issues.


The membership is subject to some conditions and has to be agreed by the general meeting.
Along these lines it will be possible for ERSA to maintain her own unique character.