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The number of reefer containers is constantly growing. More and more cargo finds it way in a temperature controlled manner. The increasing demand from the world population and the decreasing share of the reefer vessels creates a demand for more reefer containers. 


The container vessels nowadays can carry up to 8.500 TEU. The reefer slot capacity boomed to a staggering 800 and more reefer containers. But the future will undoubtedly bring us 12.000 TEU and even 18.000 TEU vessels. Scaling up of economies will be the target for both the shipping companies and manufacturers. 


All these developments will lead to a change in our industry. Adapting logistics, operations, procedures and technology will be the key points for the reefer service business. Direct access to data and on-line computer communication will become standard. But although investments in technology and know-how are essential, the reefer service industry is and will be work of man .Therefore we must not forget the human factor.